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September 30, 2021
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October Long Weekend @ the Mile End

1—4 October 2021

  • This article was produced in collaboration with The Saturno Group.

After a three-month dry spell of not a single government-sanctioned day off, we have finally reached the oasis in the middle of the Monday-off desert – the October long weekend.

In South Australia, this holiday is in honour of Labour Day, during which we are supposed to tip our hat to the formation and formalisation of the eight-hour work day.


October Long Weekend @ the Mile End
1—4 October
DJs on Friday night, drink specials all weekend.
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This article was produced in collaboration with The Saturno Group.

While the word ‘labour’ is in the name, it is really a tribute to the days and hours in between work time – the introduction of a guarantee that you’ll be able to spend the other eight hours you don’t spend sleeping enjoying a life outside of the office and with your loved ones.

It is in these eight hours of leisure you might occasionally be sitting on the couch, somewhat listless, staring vacantly at a television, your phone, or (if you’re lucky) out a window, searching for the motivation to think of anything else you could be doing.

This is the moment, usually, when your housemate, partner, sibling, or friend who regularly makes themselves at home in your living room, might turn to you and ask, ‘What should we do?’

Invariably, the answer to this question is another question: ‘Pub?’

This is the correct answer.

The good people at The Mile End would hate for you to be consigned to the couch all long weekend, so they’re keeping the pub’s doors open right through the holiday, with plenty on offer to keep you entertained.

On Friday night, they’ll have DJ Stixx on board, spinning “retro vinyl tunes” from 6:30pm ’til late. There will be a happy hour on from 5—7pm, and a cocktail happy hour from 6—9pm. And to keep your belly full, the kitchen will be operating from 11:30am right through to 8:30pm.

On Saturday, the happy hour happens a little earlier and for a little longer, from 2—6pm, for those who enjoy a (responsibly consumed) liquid long lunch. The kitchen will operate from 11:30am ’til 8:30pm.

On Sunday, the same happy hour applies, but there’ll be $11 cocktails available too. The kitchen, again, will be fired up from 11:30am ’til 8:30pm.

And on that hallowed Monday, a day in which no work should be done (except for the cooking of food, pouring of beers, and shaking of cocktails), the happy hour will revert to 5—7pm, with the kitchen plating up from 11:30am ’til 8:30pm.

That’s four continuous days of anti-work hanging around the pub available to you. Don’t waste this opportunity.

For more information and to browse menus, see the website.

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