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August 6, 2015
What's On

Night Lab at SA Museum


Night Lab happens at the South Australian Museum on August 21 from 6pm – 10pm. Tickets are available now.

Science is pretty much the only thing that can accurately be said to inspire endless wonder.

When everyday things like feelings and beauty begin to wear thin with their ambiguity and subjectivity, science is always there to reveal something totally mind-blowingly extraordinary that can only truly be argued about by people with great expertise.

Unfortunately, science blowing our minds often seems to be limited to the day times. The South Australian Museum is redressing this with their Night Lab events – where they throw open the doors to various exhibits and collections after dark and let people wander amidst them whilst drinking.

The next event on August 21 is being held in celebration of the International Year of Light and National Science Week, and will feature an interactive light installation from Sebastian Tomczak. The night will also include access to the Skydome, allowing you the chance to stare into the depths of the night sky, the opportunity to journey through the Museum with an astronomer, a chance to see the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition and to visit the Tintype Photobooth to learn how photography has changed from the days of darkrooms to now.

With DJ Wolfpanther, Ross McHenry Trio, Sparkspitter and Oisima also performing and a bar open all night, it’s set to be a night that’s more full of wonder than most.

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