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August 23, 2023
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7—16 September 2023

  • This article was produced in partnership with State Opera SA.

Nicknamed “l’opera senza amore” – the opera without love – Macbeth is a powerful operatic retelling of one of the world’s most power-hungry couples.


7—16 September
Her Majesty’s Theatre
58 Grote Street Adelaide 5000
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A witches’ prophecy and a fierce, consuming ambition lead Macbeth and his wife on a murderous path to ascend the throne of Scotland. Verdi’s score bristles with majestic arias, hair-raising duets and thrilling ensembles. You will be rocked to your core by the chilling, emotional experience of this grand opera.

Starring two of Australia’s most prominent Verdi specialists: baritone José Carbό as Macbeth, and soprano Kate Ladner as Lady Macbeth for this glamourous production.

Perth audiences and critics raved about this production directed by Stuart Maunder, where Braveheart meets Game of Thrones. Get ready for a wild night at the opera Adelaide, something wicked this way comes…

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