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July 31, 2014
What's On

Lowered Brows – Light Square Gallery

It's a well-worn story: a group of artists get together to make art. However, this time the result is a little less expected.

  • Image: "Rock" tee design by Tommaso Pascale

Featuring new works by local artists, Lowered Brows features artworks that wouldn’t normally fit in with the stark white walls of a gallery.


Lowered Brows, at Light Square Gallery. Exhibition opens 6pm, Wednesday, August 6, closing 4 September.

Comics, shirts, illustrations, toys, posters, letterpress, and a bunch more art of the unconventional variety can be found here over August and the beginning of September. What is it exactly? Well we have been warned that it is not a “fine art” exhibition. Pretty much you can expect some cool stuff from many  different mediums, and very little quaffing of wine and arrogance.

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