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September 15, 2016
What's On

Little Mind dance party


Little Mind’s first event takes place from 10pm this Friday (September 15) at Big Window Club – 99 Hindley Street, Adelaide. Entry is $20 at the door. More information here.

The inaugural Little Mind dance party takes place this Friday, launching what is set to be a series of more thoughtful nights spent on the dance floor.

Serial event organiser / party guy Bradley Shawyer is launching Little Mind because he wanted to create a “safe place” for people “to experiment and express themselves through the common language and freedom of dancing together”.

Held in Big Window, this first party is set to distinguish itself from your common night out through a few key features – there’s no dress policy beyond wearing what you feel comfortable in, entry is dependent on nothing more than capacity and your possession of positive vibes and guest artists will be playing four-hour long sets.

There is also a no photo rule, with everyone’s lenses being covered upon entry, and a special emphasis on inclusiveness with the whole party billed as “a judgement free zone where gender, sexual preference, race and religion are one”.

It sounds positively utopic, and a little bit euphoric – not bad for a Friday night.


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