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August 31, 2017
What's On

Karma Keg at NOLA

Beer for a cause this Saturday at NOLA!

The beer and whiskey venue has teamed up with 1900 Footprints, a project from Tristan O’Brien that will see him walk 1900 kilometres – from Adelaide to Melbourne and a loop around Tasmania – to raise awareness for conservation in Australia.


The 1900 Footprints Karma Keg will be on from 6:30pm Saturday, 2 September at NOLA, 28 Vardon Avenue

NOLA will tap a keg of Lobethal Bierhaus Citra Hopped Pilsner, and all profits from the keg will go toward the cause, as well as whatever else punters might like to donate on top of that.

Grab a beer and grab some karma.

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