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July 12, 2018
What's On

Just the city-themed sessions at AFoI

A curated list plucked from the abundant content scheduled for this weekend's Adelaide Festival of Ideas.

All the glorious city-relevant content at this year’s Festival of Ideas. Charles Landry and Michael Lennon’s Housing 3.0 seems most pertinent.

The civic city in a nomadic world
with Charles Landry
9.30am – 10.20am | Saturday 14 July 2018

Where do we belong when everything is on the move? How can we combine anchorage, connection, possibility, personal growth and inspiration when everything is shifting, when the world turns to its darker face and apprehension is in the air, and when we divide the world into globalists (bad) and patriots (good).

Housing 3.0
with Michael Lennon and Charles Landry
2pm – 2.50pm | Saturday 14 July 2018

Could there ever be such a thing as citizen-led housing? What would that mean for cities? Would we become the developers, the builders, the landlords as well as the tenants? Could we develop truly inclusive models of collaborative governance in group housing, and will this be the way of the future?

Sharing cities: communities driving urban innovation
with Darren Sharp
3pm – 3.50pm | Saturday 14 July 2018

From tool libraries and repair cafés to platform cooperatives, urban agriculture and makerspaces, communities around the world are co-creating civic infrastructure for the common good. Join Darren, from Shareable, for a tour of Sharing cities: activating the urban commons, the new how-to guide for urban transformation.

Can we really afford sustainable buildings?
3pm – 3.50pm | Sunday 15 July 2018

Good for the environment but the cost premium is too much? Investment in ‘green’ features has little financial payback? Join the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network for a panel forum to discuss whether sustainable buildings are affordable and worthwhile investments. Come with questions, crowd participation is necessary.


How open innovation can deliver transformational change
with Rob Wilmot
1.30pm – 2.20pm | Friday 13 July 2018

Whether you’re in government, healthcare or enterprise, or with an NGO, Rob Wilmot will share how open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation offer the ability to discover, evaluate and action the best ideas and insights from those whose experience can help your organisation to do things better – for your citizens, customers and partners.

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