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January 27, 2022
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James Donald Forbes McCann Art Auction

Thursday, 10 February 2022

The Howling Owl will next month host the inaugural James Donald Forbes McCann Art Auction, hosted by comedian and ardent art fan James Donald Forbes McCann.


James Donald Forbes McCann Art Auction
6pm Thursday, 10 February
The Howling Owl
10 Vaughn Place, Adelaide 5000

Happening on Thursday, 10 February, the auction will see works from Pierre Mukeba, Jasmine Crisp, Matthew Thorne and Henry Stentiford put up for bidding, with James playing the part of auctioneer.

“The pandemic has been hard on many industries, but none more so than the arts,” James says.

“This art auction is a wonderful occasion to celebrate and support our glorious South Australian artists.”

The event is being produced in conjunction with LONLEY’S Fine Art & Collectibles, an art gallery and pawn shop in the Adelaide Central Market Arcade.

“It is a joy to team up with LONLEY’$ Fine Art & Collectibles and The Howling Owl,” says James. “These institutions work tirelessly to promote South Australian artists, and I am grateful for the work they do.”

Interested buyers who register for the event ahead of 1 February will be eligible to win a Luxury Lexus Experience, presented by Lexus of Adelaide.

Most importantly though, you’ll be supporting the careers of Adelaide artists.

“Investors and art lovers will be able to get their hands on paintings by these soon-to-be household names,” James says.

“I mean, they won’t be household names in every household, but certainly, I believe they’ll be names in the sort of households where people talk about very expensive art.”

To register for the event, see here.

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