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August 23, 2023
What's On

Halal Food Festival

25—26 August 2023

Adelaide’s first-ever Halal Food Festival is coming to the city this winter, where worldwide cuisines will be on offer from stalls packed into Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga for a free weekend festival.


Halal Food Festival
Friday 25 August 11:00am—10pm
Saturday 26 August 11:00am—10pm
Victoria Square Tarntanyangga, Adelaide
Free event
More details

The Halal Food Festival will run from 25—26 August and will feature a variety of dishes from over 30 different cultures around the world. Offering the largest variety of cuisines in a local food festival, the Halal Food Festival is the perfect event for everyone to embrace and explore the city in winter.

Some of the cuisines on offer from stalls are Moroccan, Syrian, Pakistani, Afghan, Greek, Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, Bosnian, Ethiopian, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean.

With free entertainment for the whole family, the Halal Food Festival is bound to be a fun few days of culture and most importantly, food!

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