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February 15, 2018
What's On

Fringe Opening Night Street Party & Market

Walking around the East End during the Fringe opening is magical. Not because there is magic – we’re not on the set of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone – but because the atmosphere is electric with loose expectations, excitement for what’s yet to come, and the shared experience of a mass population immersed in peak festival culture.

Fringe will celebrate its opening this year with a street party that includes a Night Market and, later, the switching on of the Parade of Light on North Terrace.

Bands will play all night, guest performers will be all over the joint, a huge selection of foods is set to be on offer, and fashion and jewellery stalls will litter the streets.

5:00pm Night Market & Opening Night Street Party
8:00pm Tindo Upturndee – Sunset Ceremony
8:30pm Parade of Light


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