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August 13, 2015
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A very fancy birthday

Fancy Burger, arguably the first burger specialty restaurant in Adelaide, celebrates five 'flippin' years this Saturday with HALF PRICE BURGERS.

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When George Fantis opened his tiny shopfront on Main Road, Blackwood in 2010 he never thought he’d have two more shops and be listed as Australia’s favourite burger just five years later.


The half price burgers are only valid at the Blackwood store as each store celebrates their own birthday.

But it’s exactly what he’ll be celebrating this Saturday at the Blackwood store. That and half price burgers.

“Every year we’ve celebrated with half price burgers,” says George, “it goes nuts”.

This year should be especially interesting in the wake of their being acknowledged by the Internet as the nation’s best burger! Zomato, the global restaurant search app that recently replaced Urbanspoon, analysed the data from their vast user base to determine Australia’s favourite burger based entirely on customer ratings and feedback. Fancy Burger was the only South Australia burger joint listed and it landed the number one position.

Fancy Burger have also launched a new look for their website and new menu items which will surely encourage some of the fancy fiends out there to double up on their discount.

And if this wasn’t enough to celebrate, George’s mum Doris who has helped out up at the Blackwood store since it opened is finally hanging up the apron with Saturday her last shift.

In a city deep in the clutches of a burger bonanza it’s important to remember the pioneers and celebrate their success. Plus – half price burgers!!


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