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November 26, 2015
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Etsy Made Local market

  • Words: Katharine Ahern
  • Image: Products from Dear Mabel Handmade

Anyone who ever took art classes as a child knows that Christmas is synonymous with handmade gifts, and lots of them. But that doesn’t have to mean that Grandma gets yet another coaster made from glitter hearts and your year 6 school photo. Thank goodness.


Etsy Made Local takes place this Saturday, 28 November on Oxford Tce, Unley.

On Saturday 28 November, Adelaide’s art and craft fanatics will be showcasing their wares at the Etsy Made Local markets in Unley. Essentially, local creators of all things handcrafted, vintage and unique will gather together and let you buy the strange and wonderful items they’ve made. Like Etsy, but real life. You won’t even have to worry about online shipping.

And because one cool market clearly isn’t enough, the City of Unley has decided to throw in The French Market on the same day for good measure as part of a double event. After browsing between the two of them, your relatives will surely assume you went to the trouble of running all over town to source their quirky, artisan presents. Let them. It gives you more time to sample cheese and justify how much of your Christmas budget you’re now going to want to spend on yourself (you’re just supporting local businesses, after all).

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