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March 28, 2024
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East End Art Trail


  • This article was produced in collaboration with Rundle Street East

In 1995, local artist Nicole Stewart created a series of 16 hand-drawn illustrations based on iconic East End businesses and locations, capturing the eclecticism of the precinct during this time.


East End Art Trail
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Fast forward to 2024 where the illustrations have been colourised, digitalised, wrapped, stuck and hung around Rundle Street to form the East End Art Trail.

Take a nostalgic trip back in time as you embark on the art trail journey beginning in Ebenezer Place, you’ll visit all 16 locations and discover the original drawing sites, alongside artist notes about each piece.

Reminisce on former sites and venues, while celebrating those that remain.

The trail ends at The Exeter where you’ll be happy to know, things haven’t changed a bit.

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