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July 21, 2016
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Dug and Digging With at AEAF

  • Words: Connie De Crea

Keen to bewilder the mind and leave us questioning the core of our soul, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation presents Dug and Digging With, an exhibition borne of collaboration between curators, visual artists, writers and theorists.


Dug and Digging With opens this Thursday July 21 from 5pm-7pm and concludes August 27. It is on show at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation – 15 Morphett Street, Adelaide, and gallery hours are 11am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday and 2pm-5pm Saturdays.

For the show, artists Matthew Bradley, Matea Gluscevic, Ray Harris, Matt Huppatz, Julia McInerney, Riley O’Keeffe and Tom Squires have explored the mysteries and paradoxes of being over a twelve-month period.

The collaborative process has greatly informed the content of the exhibition, which takes the form of a “recursive meditation on absurdity, ineffability, that which lies at the end of an endless period of becoming, and the simultaneous nobility and futility of art-making”.

Curated by the Australian Experimental Art Foundation 2016 Curatorial Collaborators, Katie Barber and Stan Mahoney, the exhibition is set to focus on process-based and research-driven practices.

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