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November 20, 2017
What's On

Dreem Room


The Dreem Room will take place from 6.30pm on Wednesday 29 November. The event will move into GU Cinema from 7.15pm.

SMOCK BUREAU 122-130 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Earlier this year SMOCK Bureau opened grandly with the exhibition (or, immersive art experience) The Bait Fridge. The night was huge. People spilled from the exhibition space through the courtyard and onto Hindley. It was strange, and it was great.

Now, they’re presenting Dreem Room, an exhibition that features the works of “Adelaide outsider artist,” Jungle Phillips and digital media artist Liam Bosecke.

For Dreem Room, Bosecke wraps digital sculptures in the wild textures of Phillip’s paintings by using 3D modelling.

“Looping animations and a 360 VR view of this half-way dream space will allow audiences to experience a purely virtual response to Jungle’s hyper-physical practice,” says SMOCK Bureau.

The exhibition will begin in one of GU Film House’s cinemas, with a video tour of Jungle Phillips’ home and Liam Bosecke’s animations, live music performances and a questions with the artists. SMOCK Bureau will also be screening video works from local and international artists, including Liam Bosecke, Adriane Morard (CH), (Kieron Boradhurst (WA), Christian Charles (USA), Will Nolan (SA), Alison Woodward (SA) and others.

The audience will then be invited to enjoy food, drink and live music from local musicians in the SMOCK gallery and courtyard.

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