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August 18, 2016
What's On

Dog Friendly Tour with artist Jenna Pippett


The free tour takes place this Saturday, August 20 from 1.30pm and starts at Victoria Square. See full details here.

We all know that #FrederiktheSausage has sophisticated tastes, but he tells us that many of his dog peers would like the opportunity to experience as much art and culture as he does.

Thankfully, artist Jenna Pippett has recognised this need and is putting on a dog-friendly art tour as part of this year’s SALA.

Lasting approximately two hours, we feel secure in saying this could be the best time you’ll have in 2016. Dogs AND art. Oh my.

PS – #FrederiktheSausage will not be attending the tour, because he does not always play well with others – but conceptually he’s very supportive of the idea.

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