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July 10, 2014
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Daniel Purvis & Family: In Retrospect

Daniel Purvis is a really talented guy. He can write well, he can take good photographs, he has mastered something called glitch art that most of us don’t even understand and he’s a great graphic designer, illustrator and artist.


Daniel Purvis & Family : In Retrospect exhibition opens Friday, 11 July at Tooth and Nail Gallery, 22-28 Coromandel Place, Adelaide. You can also see the show on weekdays thereafter between 10am-5pm.

His upcoming solo(ish) exhibition at Tooth and Nail is billed by Dan as a celebration of growing up in Adelaide in the 80s and 90s – which is something many of us can surely relate to directly or through our offspring. The works are in an astonishing number of formats with everything from framed illustration to zines to hoodies hand-screenprinted with Dan’s designs by the great RTD.

Additionally, some of the hoodie designs have been made by Dan in collaboration with his Mum Glenda Kent, who runs her own small batch clothing label. And Dan’s Dad – Bill Purvis – got in on things too, by curating a sideshow art exhibition that will run simultaneously with Dan’s exhibition.


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