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August 2, 2018
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CLOSER – Jonathan VDK photo book launch

Expat photographer and long-time CityMag contributor, Jonathan van der Knaap is back from Japan with some stunning images to share.

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Professional photographer Jonathan van der Knaap moved away from Adelaide just under two years ago with his wife and young son.


Book Launch. Photographs by Jonathan van der Knaap
Sunday 5th August
2pm – 5pm
5 o’clock Somewhere
101 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000

The family were returning, in a way, to their home. Jonathan’s wife is Japanese and the pair met in Tokyo and this was their chance to give their young son exposure to a life lived differently.

While we have long admired (and published) Jonathan’s work over the past seven-or-so years, the images he is producing now speak to a shift in the visual artist’s practice. The tone has changed; the motivation – different.

Still there is the aesthetic and geometric sensibility but this now provides the structure, rather than the edifice for a much deeper inspection of the human condition – captured still and in a context that is neither foreign nor familiar. Closer – it strikes us – is about finding your home.

Collaborating with CityMag alumni – Tyrone Ormsby and Tash McCammon, the trio have produced a phenomenal book of portraits and still life which tell the story of light and shade, the sentimental and the ubiquitous moments of daily life lived through the (relatively) new lens of fatherhood.

This is a very important milestone for Jonathan but also Tyrone and Tash who will also launch their new art-publishing company – Have You Seen Him this Sunday.

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