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October 27, 2020
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Cheap beer at Big Shed

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Through all the mess of 2020, good news often finds a way to float to the top of the our social media timeline.

Early this afternoon, an image passed through our Instagram feed, of a schooner and a five dollar note, posted by the folks at Big Shed Brewing Concern.

Intrigued, we paused our scrolling to read the caption.

To our immense joy, the post was made to announce it was line-cleaning day at Big Shed’s Old Port Road brewery, and so the team is offering $5 schooners of all tap beers until the lines run dry.

Now, we at CityMag are chained to our desks until at least 5pm, so this information may not be of use by the time we’re able to make it out of the office.

But if you, dear reader, have happened upon a free afternoon this Tuesday, 27 October, and have a $5 note or two to spare, now is the time to shout yourself a mid-week bevvy.

You can find Big Shed at 1154 Old Port Road, Royal Park. But hurry, the Big Shed team usually have no trouble emptying kegs, so this offer is available for a very limited time only.

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