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January 20, 2016
What's On

Brix & Mortar at Proof

There’s nothing like putting several good things that usually exist in isolation in a room together to find they are collectively even more than the sum of their parts.


The Brix & Mortar at Proof event kicks off at 3pm on Sunday, January 24. You can find Proof at 9A Anster Street, Adelaide.

This weekend that very thing will be happening. Michelle and Travis Tausend, those clever cookies behind Brix Wine Store, will be slinging their wares in the very drink-friendly surrounds of Proof Laneway Rooms, all  soundtracked by the sweet tunes spun by the yet-to-be-properly-named DJs Josh and Simmo.

For the event Proof will be opening up at 3pm on a Sunday (when they would usually be closed) and Brix will be selling some of their small producer, sustainable, low-intervention wines for retail prices. Bottles can be bought to drink in-house, and the prices will make it only sensible to sample more than a few examples.

Since the closure of their legendary bar – Cork – these events have become your only opportunity to soak up some of Travis and Michelle’s sage wine knowledge in the flesh, making them a must-go.

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