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December 21, 2017
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Booze + Rekkids

As one of our beloved CityMag readers, we trust you’ve been diligent, you’ve planned ahead, and you’ve already bought and wrapped all the gifts for all your friends, and are now just waiting for the perfect moment to travel from house to house and hand them out.

But you’ve forgotten someone.

Just as we know our endearing CityMag readers to be, you’re a giving and honourably selfless person, and so we must ask: did you buy something for yourself?

You should. It’s been a long year. This holiday is yours too, and you deserve a little bit of self-love.

Drop by Sturt Street Cellars between 3pm and 9pm on Friday, 22 December and grab yourself something special. All the very best in South Australian booze will be available by the bottle/can/growler and Crackle and Pop will be in-store hocking wax from their well-travelled crates.

Treat yourself.

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