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May 26, 2016
What's On

Bones Alexander & The Best Extras


Bones Alexander & The Best Extras play the Grace Emily (232 Waymouth Street, Adelaide) this Saturday, May 28, at 9pm (ish).

Bones (Ty) Alexander is better known as a drummer, but now he’s stepping to the front with new collaborative project Bones Alexander & The Best Extras.

After recording a few songs with friends playing various instruments as back-up, Bones is leaving his home studio (aka bedroom) and stepping onto stage at The Grace Emily (aka his second home) this Saturday.

The night’s line-up is rounded out by Gareth Ed Lindsay and White Lightnin’, making your Saturday night suddenly appear very full.

Also – Coopers Dark Ale is on tap, so that means you should leave your house even if it’s raining. And we hear that Coopers’ limited edition IPA was about to be tapped at The Grace too – so you should leave even if there’s some kind of blizzard.

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