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February 10, 2017
What's On

Awesome Tapes from Africa

Africola and tapes from Africa and party and bullshit and party and...

Our neighbours, the good time gang at Sunny’s Pizza, are launching the first of their experimental parties combining food and music.


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Sunday, Feb 19 at 5:00pm
17 Solomon Street
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Crown Ruler are touring Awesome Tapes from Africa and Sunny’s have swindled Duncan Welgemoed away from Africola to take over their brick oven with his iconoclastic Mpumalanga Fire hot sauce approach. Think Peri Peri chicken pizza!

Ash Wilson of Sunny’s last saw Awesome Tapes at Rocket and says the artist lived up to his name.

“It’s so easy for people to access music currently, which is great,” says Ash, “but it can lead to laziness.”

Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes from Africa) live mixes cassette tapes he’s collected over years of visiting African regions – first while on a Fulbright Scholarship in Ghana – and now from tapes that he’s found across the world.

“The fact he’s sourcing super rare and what would be considered mostly unheard music is what makes this event so special,” says Ash.

“Especially when that’s coupled with playing the music on their original format, tapes, when today’s audience is so used to hearing people rip music onto a USB and mix everything digitally.”




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