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May 5, 2016
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Angus Hamra at Peter Walker Fine Art

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Angus Hamra is an architecture student with an eye for detail.


Angus Hamra
Tunnel Vision
Peter Walker Fine Art
Thursday, May 5–Saturday May21

In his second solo exhibition at Peter Walker Fine Art Angus is eschewing his previous preoccupation with portraiture to focus, instead, on the details of South Australian landscapes.

Working in oils and across a variety of mediums Angus is seeking to reconcile his design-focused education with the natural beauty of the environment which surrounds us.

There’s some significant thinking behind his exhibition, Tunnel Vision.

In a recent interview Angus says that the show’s name comes from the idea of cropping landscapes within shapes – particularly circles – like windows in a house. This imposed limitation can also add value to his subject matter by causing the audience to focus more closely on the details of the landscape rather than the broad line of a horizon.



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