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October 5, 2016
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Amy Joy Watson’s Moon Dune

  • Image: Desert Arch by Amy Joy Watson

Amy Joy Watson examines the human propensity for imagining different and better worlds from an idiosyncratic point of view.


Amy Joy Watson’s Moon Dune shows at Hugo Michell Gallery from October 13 – November 12. The show opens October 13 at 6pm.

Her colourful and structural work contains a subtle sense of nostalgia for the joys of childhood play and a way of seeing mystery and possibility in everything. Watson’s most recent body of work demonstrates an appreciation of a rugged and rocky Australian landscape where stitched lines follow strata.

Over the course of a year Watson’s interest in geology has spread across other continents and even to other planets, influencing her sculptural works where she references banded rock formations such as agates. The natural forms and landscapes represented in both 2D and 3D works become otherworldly. The works are laboriously and lovingly made – a nod to the thousands of years it has taken for our earthy and galactic landscapes to evolve.

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