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September 1, 2016
What's On



Adhocracy takes place September 2-4 at 11 Nile Street, Port Adelaide. See more details and find the program here.

Brought to us by the clever and creative minds at Vitalstatistix, ADHOCRACY is at once a creative development hothouse and a sort of magic house party.

As part of the event, artists work intensively from today (Thursday) to Sunday on new projects. Eight are being developed this year in ADHOCRACY’s open studio environment, and everyone is invited to engage with the process through a program of artist talks and in-progress showings.

One of the works in development is Vitalstatistix’s annual residency project, in which an Australian artist is invited to collaborate with South Australian artists on a new work in the lead-up to Adhocracy. This year’s residency project is Aeon, and that two-week residency is based at the Hart’s Mill Flour Shed.


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