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December 10, 2015
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The Trophy Life

  • Words: Alicia Franceschini
  • Image: Detail of work by Tom Keukenmeester

In the last few years Adelaide has found roaring success with it’s many ‘pop-up’ ventures. Our city is no stranger to pop-up bars, restaurants and even the odd pop-up bookstore. The pop-up trend shows no sign of slowing down this summer with the opening of Adelaide artist Tom Keukenmeester’s new exhibition, The Trophy Life, in his very own temporary pop up gallery on O’Connell Street in North Adelaide.


The Trophy Life opens at pop up gallery space 24A O’Connell St, North Adelaide on December 11. The exhibition continues through to December 21st.

Almost a year in the making, the exhibition will feature a series of new works from the accomplished young artist that explore notions of beauty, commodity and objectification across a range of subjects. Since his debut exhibition last year Tom’s works have been featured in exhibitions and art prizes across Australia, including the Lethbridge 10000 in Brisbane, Cossack Art Prize in WA, Loreto Spring Art and Royal South Australian Society of Arts in Adelaide.

“Having studied Art History the past two years, I understand Art’s role in social commentary,” Tom says, “I believe that today we live in a very visually orientated world. A lot of importance is placed in how we, and the things around us appear.”

And how does Tom’s new work appear? Judging from the glimpses shown to us on his website and Instagram, amazing doesn’t seem to quite cover it.

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