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March 20, 2020

We all need a lucky charm right now

Adelaide design duo Daniel Emma have launched the antidote we need right now.

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Two of CityMag‘s favourite thinker-doers, Daniel To and Emma Aiston have quickly turned around production on some timely design pieces to brighten our collective mood.

Off the back of their show at Hugo Michell, PAK-UH-JING (on now until 8 April), the pair released a series of charms to rival Pandora: “some lucky charms to help you survive these freaky times,” says Emma.

The works in acrylic, rope and metal carry specific moral boosting messages for the Covid-19 pandemic and act as a bit of a DIY guide to getting through this thing with style.

  • A Happy Puddle – To remind you to keep up good hygiene (wash those hands)
  • A Magic Orb – To cultivate nice vibes
  • A Shiny Mirror – To repel the nasty ju ju
  • A Tasty Apple – To remind you to eat well
  • A Smiley Stamp – Write a letter to a friend who might be lonely
  • A Bitter Pill – To acknowledge things are unpleasant and weird but need to be accepted for what they are

We love the charms. We love the message. Remembering some key mantras becomes difficult in times of a crisis, and a visual, tactile representation of some common sense is better than watching your Twitter feed steamroll your better judgement.

Plus a bonus IT’S OK! vinyl sticker.



L: 3cm
W: 6cm
H: 22cm

Made in:
Adelaide, Australia


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