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April 30, 2020

Buy affordable art from local photographers via Super Assembly’s print shop

The money goes to local artists and the art goes over that big blank space on your living room wall you’ve been staring at for the last month.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Image 1: 'Algebuckina' by Jessica Clark
  • Image 2: 'Ikara' by Tyrone Ormsby
  • Image 3: 'Untitled' by Andy Nowell


By this point in our collective period of physical distancing, we can all probably count the number of blank spaces on our walls that need something on them.

To look up from the computer at random intervals throughout our at-home workday is to see at least a dozen spots perfect for hanging some remarkable, local art.


Super Assembly Print Shop
Browse the shop here.
If you’re an artist and would like to be involved in the Print Shop, email


What luck then that the team at creative agency Super Assembly has curated a selection of works from Adelaide artists, available for purchase via their website.

Super Assembly’s shop was set up earlier in the year to sell their art book Projekt, but when COVID-19 hit, they saw many close collaborators lose a huge amount of their annual income.

“We work with these creatives every day,” says director of Super Assembly, Selena Battersby.

“So we’ve just been shooting with Jess Clark, who’s a mate of ours, we shoot with Meaghan Coles, we shoot with Jono VDK, who’s over in Japan, and talking to these guys and working with these creatives that, so much of their business is outside and not from people’s lounge rooms an dining rooms.

“As soon as COVID hit, people were losing 80, 90, 100 per cent of their work… for the next three months. And that was really devastating, particularly in the creative industry.”

Super Assembly founders Selena Battersby and Tamrah Petruzzelli

Selena and the Super Assembly crew reached into their network to see who among their artist friends could use the help. There is work available from Thomas McCammon, Jessica Clark, Tyrone Ormsby, Jonathan VDK, Naomi Murrell, Andy Nowell, Isabella McRae, and Emmaline Zanelli, among many others.

“It was the least that we could do, to give up some of our time to upload images, really,” Selena laughs.

“We’re not wanting to make any money from it, we just want to handle it on behalf of our mates, and if they can sell a couple of hundred bucks of prints to our circle and around the place, then happy days.”

Artists aren’t the only cash-strapped individuals in the coronavirus-affected economy, and so Selena and the participating artist were careful to provide an affordable range of works.

“We’ve got a nice range that starts from $100 up to about $600. And, you know, the upper end might be out of people’s reach, but definitely there are some affordable pieces in there,” Selena says.

If you’ve got some spare cash and want to help our Adelaide’s community of artists, browse the Super Assembly shop here.

What wall wouldn’t benefit from a print of this image of the abandoned Greenhills Adventure Park by Sia Duff?

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