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April 14, 2020

A new desk for a new working world

Adelaide-based signage and event activation company Visualcom has found opportunity in the COVID-19 pandemic, diversifying to produce desks, monitor stands and stand-up work stations for an emerging market of workers forced to assemble home offices.

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  • Words: Jess Bassano
  • Pictures: Supplied


The implications of COVID-19 are being felt in even the most minute aspects of South Australian lives, as people across the state are forced to adapt to new ways of living and working for the foreseeable future.


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While some businesses have had to shut their doors, those able to remain open are trying to find new and creative ways to stay afloat.

Among the businesses spawning innovative ways to keep their workers employed is Adelaide-based signage company Visualcom.

The business offers a range of print and signage solutions for exhibitions and events, such as the Adelaide Fringe, as well as promotional displays and commercial uses.

Last week, it expanded its services and began creating a range of desks, monitor stands, stand up work stations and laminate table toppers.

Visualcom co-owner Christine Ormsby says the move into creating office products was “simply a matter or adapting our resources,” as the company has previously made a variety of wooden structures for clients.

The Stand Up Surfer is among the products available for order.


Christine says the idea to diversify came when she was faced with educating her two school-aged sons from home and unable to purchase desks from the big retailers due to high demand.

“I thought they could both work at one end of the dining room table, but that doesn’t really work with everything they’re doing, because they need to use Zoom and headphones and everything else,” she says.

“I had other people telling me they were having similar challenges. For example, parents with three kids at home who are in a five-people families and are trying to crash and work in the house all together.

“I also spoke to one woman who was working from home and had her laptop on her ottoman and her dog kept putting its head on her computer… not to mention working that way is not great for her back.

“So we wanted to design something that was compact and could be packed down if need be but would still be big enough to be effective, as well light enough that it could be moved around to other rooms.”

After trialling a variety of design ideas, the Visualcom team collaborated to create the Home Desk.

“We can modify the desks if people need specific things. We’ve also designed standing desks and computer rises – and we’re looking at creating things like dividers and learning tools such as table toppers with times tables,” Christine says.

The Visualcom Home Desk


While the original desk is a simple wooden design, it is also available in a range of prints and vinyl wraps.

Visualcom has also launched a Surf Mat table topper: a surfboard-shaped laminate designed for children needing flexible working spaces.

To ensure transactions are “iso-friendly,” desks can be ordered online and collected from the Currie Street store for $198 or delivered within 30 kilometres of the Adelaide CBD for $213.

Visualcom is also donating $10 from each desk to the South Australian charity the HAS Foundation, which supports children and families in the palliative care system.

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