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January 30, 2020

The truth about Harvey Norman in the city

The Harvey Norman store in City Cross has served as a lifeline to people setting up their new business, as well as people setting up their new lives in postcode 5000.

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Brigid Godden is new to Adelaide. She arrived in July this year to take over Harvey Norman in City Cross as its new proprietor.


Ask for Brigid, or mention this article to set up your VIP card next time you’re in Harvey Norman City Cross.

This article was produced in partnership with Harvey Norman City Cross.

From the outside, and through all their marketing, Harvey Norman present themselves as a singular brand and business identity. At the core of this super successful Australian retail business, however, is a franchise model that makes every single Harvey Norman store unique in its own way.

“I’ve worked for Harvey Norman for many years,” says Brigid, “but this is my first time as a proprietor.”

Brigid arrived in Adelaide from Hobart and in the few short months she’s been at the helm of the City Cross store, has been able to get a good grip on what makes the city – and her shop – tick. 

“We sell absolutely everything to people on their lunch breaks,” says Brigid. “Not just small appliances either… fridges, televisions. I sold a washing machine to a woman on her lunch break just recently.”

Brigid Godden


The great thing about Harvey Norman’s franchise system is the personal touch it gives each store. There are staff working at Harvey Norman who helped us buy a toaster and a microwave for our office when we were establishing a small publishing business more than a decade ago who are still there today. 

It’s this combination of consistency and convenience that Brigid points to as the reason she’s been so impressed by the Harvey Norman City Cross store. 

“It’s a great team and a good little operation, but I’m not one to just sit and coast,” says Brigid. “I want to keep us up-to-date with our customers and I want to give the other Harvey Norman stores in Adelaide a little bit of friendly competition.”

With more than 300,000 people using the city each day, Brigid is looking to position her Harvey Norman as the walk-in catalogue for every city user. 

“We can fit out a new apartment from floor to ceiling and make sure your new appliances fit where they need to,” says Brigid. “We can also ship all over the state too, so we’re the absolute most convenient place to see what you need in real life, order, and have that item delivered within 24 hours.”

With the launch of a brand new VIP Card program Brigid is looking to bring even more value to your experience of her store. With the exception of computers, the VIP Card will entitle you to significant discounts on all electrical in store at City Cross.

“Really, I just want to try new things and meet new people in my new city,” says Brigid. 

“I left behind a lot of great customers in Hobart, but I’m just as excited for this new challenge and my new home. I’d love for people to come and say hello.”

Whether you’re downsizing to a new apartment, dreaming of upgrading your current kitchen, or just looking to pass some time on your lunch break and want to check what blistering resolution modern TVs are projecting these days – Harvey Norman City Cross is the perfect store to call into.

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