Kilikanoon: A masterful composition

January 21, 2015
Branding Video
Contact: Joshua Fanning
Phone: 08 8212 3773

The powerful elegance of Kilikanoon Wines is the ultimate expression of Clare Valley terroir. Capturing the symphony of unique microclimates and the masterful composition Kilikanoon creates in every bottle, this branding project will deliver audiences an authentic experience that takes them from the Cellar Door cottage through Golden Hillside and Skilly Valley beyond.

Kilikanoon is a landmark Australian winery in one of the country’s lesser-known wine regions. It’s the purpose of this branding video to bridge the gap between the astounding elegance of Kilikanoon’s product and the beautiful country it comes from.

Masthead Studio is a multi-disciplinary creative agency specialising in audience development. As well as client work that ranges across the broad spectrum of strategy, design and advertising we produce our own print and digital media brand – CityMag.

Through our constant contact with the CityMag audience we have learned a great deal about what motivates consumers to engage with content online. We are keen to share what we’ve learnt with our partners and clients to help them develop effective, evidence-based content marketing campaigns.

This is one of the most brilliantly run wineries in Australia

Our work:

About Food and Two Days in Summer are two short films that were commissioned by the South Australian Tourism Commission for their “Through Local Eyes” branding project.

The Commission’s objective was to challenge and disrupt outside perceptions of the state by giving audiences a glimpse into the lifestyle, food and drink scene that South Australians take for granted.

About Food tells the story of South Australia’s diverse yet inclusive food and wine scene. With over 250,000 views this film is the runaway success for the “Through Local Eyes” film project.


Two Days in Summer captures the essence of a cellar door experience. The idiosyncratic Alpha Box & Dice winery in the McLaren Vale regularly hosts long weekend parties that stitch together food and wine in an unforgettable experience. Our journalists and photographers take the audience into the AB&D world and make it absolutely compelling.

Our resources:

Masthead Studio will supply the necessary talent to ensure a smooth production process regardless of the final scope of the project:

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist
Music Composition

Our approach:


If Masthead Studio’s skill set and references are deemed attractive to Kilikanoon, the first step will be for our Director – Joshua Fanning and Kilikanoon’s Marketing Manager – Chantal MacClelland to meet and commence a scoping process, which defines the ultimate expectations and aspirations of the project.

To this meeting, Masthead Studio will bring a proposed direction for the film, with key story ideas and visual options outlined for consideration – all based on the detailed brief provided by Kilikanoon. The main objective of this first meeting will be to create consensus on the qualities, scope and purpose of the film.

The flexibility of the Masthead model means we can deliver outstanding content for any project – big or small as we can scale appropriately.

For a film as important as the Kilikanoon Brand Experience we envisage a production timeframe of several months with several trips to the winery and nights spent up in Clare in an effort to capture the myriad, subtle experiences of the region. Ultimately we want Kilikanoon to grant us license to compose a symphony out of their story and create the sort of film that not only defines the Kilikanoon experience but becomes an iconic film about Australia and positions the winery at the heart of the true-lived life of the quintessential Australian winery.

This process would be segmented to provide an upfront piece of collateral that immediately fills the gap of what Kilikanoon is looking for, while leaving room for us to continue to develop and add value to the film as suggested in the brief’s “considerations”.

As example we offer this film, shot for Great Southern Rail over 6 months: A Journey Beyond. Its level of detail and insight as well as its authenticity is something Masthead is capable of producing and something we’d like to create for Kilikanoon.

Please get in touch with our Director, Joshua Fanning (via the details at the top of this page) if you’ve got any queries or would like to quickly follow-up any details of this response. We have not attached a quote to this response as it’s a requirement of ours to go through the scoping process and resolve both the timeframe and scope of the project prior to fixing an associated cost.

Thank you for your consideration.

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