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December 22, 2014

Indelible no longer

Boasting Adelaide's most advanced laser tattoo removal machine – the PicoSure Laser – newly established business Bare Again is bringing a clinical approach to what many believe is an unregulated industry.

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  • Pictures: Sven Kovac
  • Words: Aaron Schuppan

Businesses selling tattoo removal procedures are thriving. The success of tattoo art in popular culture as well as society’s general acceptance of permanent ink on exposed limbs means that both more people have tattoos and more people want them removed.


Bare Again
& CityMag

Removing a tattoo, however, isn’t like wiping pen off a whiteboard. Without regulation or oversight, the tattoo removal industry has seen a steep rise in reported cases of burning and scarring as a result of treatment.

Bare Again Laser Tattoo Removal in the city was established as an antidote for these cases.  Doctor-owned, Bare Again ensures a registered nurse performs every treatment on-site.

Clients needn’t carry the dread that sometimes follows you on a trip to the doctor or dentist though; there’s no finger wagging whatsoever. Both the owners and staff are quick to establish they’re pro-tattoo. In fact, receptionist Hilary is midway through a full leg-piece presently.

The process delivers a more consistent intensity in a shorter timeframe, which maintains skin-integrity and avoids burning or scarring.

The PicoSure laser at the heart of Bare Again’s operation is the first to be brought into Adelaide. It takes its name from the fact that its focused energy beam delivers laser treatment to the skin in picoseconds, around 100 times shorter than a nanosecond. This results in more effective removal in less time than ever before.

The process delivers a more consistent intensity in a shorter timeframe, which maintains skin-integrity and avoids burning or scarring. The treatment also penetrates deeper, getting to those stubborn green and blue inks.

But it’s not just the machine. Bare Again’s staff are the business’ biggest point of difference. Warm and understanding while being completely professional, your two points of contact in Hilary and Rachel provide an effective first stage in the treatment process. While a full medical history check is conducted as part of that early consult it’s also nice to know that there’s no judgment and complete confidentiality.

A growing aspect of Bare Again’s trade is happy tattoo wearers who want to fade or “go over” an old piece with new art. Laser fading that “Limp Bizkit 4 Eva” bicep stamp you got in 2002 can make covering it up a whole lot easier and leave you with new ink you can be proud of.


Bare Again
Laser tattoo removal
110 Hutt Street, Adelaide
08 7122 5271

In fact, as tattoo culture continues its evolution and artists take their reputation more seriously they will often insist laser treatment be done before they begin a cover up.  And Bare Again will consult with the artist of you choice to put together the best treatment package for your needs.

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