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February 1, 2024

Getting fresh with the local radio gang

Fresh 92.7 is winning the ears of Adelaide’s youth. For the first time ever, they’ve cracked 212,000 weekly listeners – making them Adelaide’s #1 community radio station and #5 for all radio stations, eclipsing even Triple J in the local market. CityMag checks in with some probing questions...

  • Images supplied: Tom & Callum, Tayla and Cale & Mags
  • This article was produced in collaboration with Fresh 92.7.

This year, two of Fresh 92.7’s flagship shows are becoming duos, with Brekkie star Lauren ‘Davo’ Davidson farewelling Tom & Callum for a new gig in Darwin at Hot100, while Maggie ‘Mags’ Felton is joining Drive. Meanwhile, Tayla Mezzino returns to bring the beats in Tayla For Your Workday.


Fresh 92.7
3 Cinema Place
Adelaide 5000

Connect: Instagram


Tom Holmes & Callum Leaney
Brekkie with Tom & Callum, weekdays 7am–10am

What’s your guilty music pleasure? 
We both really get around Alvin and the Chipmunks. They’re a severely underrated group of musicians that haven’t had enough time in the sun and every day we wonder when they’ll return from their hiatus.

What’s the most nerve-wracking thing to happen to you while on air? 
Going live for the first time years back will always be a rush we’ll never forget!!

Do you have a bucket list for the show? 
We really want to invite listeners to walk away from a huge explosion and film it slow-motion, like it’s from an action movie. There are a few safety implications, but you know the saying – nothing can get in your eyes, if you’re wearing aviators.

Describe your working relationship. 
We’ve been best mates since 2011, so it makes the process easier when coming up with ideas, because we’re usually on the same page for how we want our brand and humour to come across. Honestly, it feels eerily like being back in the corridors at school together.

Control freak or free spirit? 
Generally, we like the show to be pretty loose. But during the planning process we tend to nit-pick and obsess over some details to make sure it’s all going to run smooth as possible when it comes to talking about it live on air.

Night owl or early bird? 
We’ve both gotten better at being morning people over the last two years, but love staying in bed when we get the chance.

Are you bingeing any TV shows or podcasts? 
We’ve both been getting around the new TED show. It’s very funny and definitely not to be mistaken with a TED talk.

What’s the best thing about the station’s location in the city? 
It’s easy to justify going to the pub. It’s easy to justify getting takeaway food. It really does provide a good excuse for blowing our money on the things we love.

Cale Porter
The Cale & Mags Show, Monday–Thursday 4pm–7pm

What’s your guilty music pleasure?
Look, I don’t mind when S Club 7 comes on at the gym…

What’s the most nerve-wracking thing to happen to you while on air?
Many things, but more recently when we were doing a live outside broadcast and the connection to the laptop dropped out. We had no way of pushing play on the next song, so had to keep talking and talking until the laptop connection resumed and we could fire off the next song!

Do you have a bucket list for the show?
My goal is to broadcast live from a helicopter at some point this year. We also want to give away a trip overseas to a lucky listener!

Describe your working relationship.
We’re like siblings. But step siblings!

Control freak or free spirit?
I’ll be a control freak when it comes to the studio buttons. Mags can be the free spirit!

Night owl or early bird?
I am both, these days, I never sleep!

Are you bingeing any TV shows or podcasts?
The Tom and Callum podcast goes alright when I’m doing Lofty.

What’s the best thing about the station’s location in the city?
We are just off Rundle Street, which is home to some of the CBD’s best cafes. This is great for my iced latte addiction, not so great for the mortgage repayments.

Maggie Felton
Cale & Mags for the Drive Home, Monday–Thursday 4pm–7pm

What’s your guilty music pleasure?
Post Malone or Machine Gun Kelly. It’s the tatted-up lads for me.

What’s the most nerve-wracking thing to happen to you while on air?
When Cale played out a recorded message I left for him at his wedding reception and I had no idea what I’d said (drink responsibly).

Do you have a bucket list for the show?
Would love to give away a sports car, so I could make the winner give me a ride in it.

Describe your working relationship.
Working with Cale is like working with your big brother. It comes naturally, but it’s extremely annoying that he knows so much more about radio than me.

Control freak or free spirit?
I like people to believe I just go with the flow, but deep down if I could do everything my way I would.

Night owl or early bird?
Early bird gets the worm.

Are you bingeing any TV shows or podcasts?
Anything true crime, I’ll be bingeing it. How white girl of me.

What’s the best thing about the station’s location in the city?
If I want a cheeky beer after work the station is right next to The Elephant and it’s a straight shot on the tram back to my place.

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