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August 23, 2017

The FruChocs Fan Club

Ahead of FruChocs Appreciation Day, CityMag met with members of the FruChocs Appreciation Society for tips on how to properly pay respect to the SA icon.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

FruChocs Appreciation Day is on this Friday, 25 August, so we asked the lovely folk at FruChocs to assemble some self-confessed ‘super fans,’ in order to give us an insight into why South Australians can’t get enough of their products.


FruChocs will set up camp in Rundle Mall to celebrate FruChocs Appreciation Day this Friday, 25 August.

There will be a pop-up FruChocs store, a Krispy Kreme donut decorating station, an appearance by Mr FruChoc himself, and much more entertainment throughout the day.

Kimberley Reynolds

How did you come across the FruChocs brand?

We had a deli when I was younger, so… I got introduced to them through there. I always loved them.

What was your initial connection to the brand?

I think the product, and then the more you learn about it, the more you appreciate the company… South Australia’s got some awesome little secrets.

They’re so community-focussed and everyone that works here is happy, it’s always a positive experience, so just that makes it so appealing. And they work a lot with charities as well. They’re a caring and involved company.

Why do you still feel engaged to the company?

They’re so fun and engaging. I love the FruChoc Appreciation Day, I love the teddies, I love that they’ve got merchandise – you can really embrace the product and just have fun with it. It’s not just something you see on the shelf and you don’t think anything about.

How have you celebrated FruChocs Appreciation Day in the past?

I wear my shirt, I wear my hat, I tell people about it on social media, I come in here and buy my FruChocs.

How will you celebrate this year?

Same thing again. Anyone who knows me knows that I love FruChocs, and I like to think that I sponsor at least one employee’s wages in the amount of FruChocs that I buy, either from coming in store or at the supermarket.

What’s your favourite FruChocs product?

The normal FruChocs, and I love getting the giant ones and stuffing them in my cheeks.

Is there an under-rated product in the range?

Probably the giant ones. You can have a lot of fun with them, and you get a big bundle of flavour in them. It’s scrumptious.

Mark Giancaspro

When did you first come across the FruChocs brand?

Probably when I was young. I remember my mum first exposing me to it as a child at school. We used to get the little packets.

What was your initial connection to the brand?

Obviously it tasted good, it looked kind of cool, really glossy and shiny. As a kid, that’s quite exciting. I guess the connection stemmed from there. I like the flavour, the fruits – put chocolate on it, it’s a match made in heaven.

Why do you still feel engaged to the brand?

I think as you mature you sort of develop a deeper understanding of why you like things, and for me, I grew up in an era where Tamagotchis and Game Boys were all the rage, but for me it was the simple things – something that tastes good. As I got older, I realised that’s pretty much who I am. The simple things are the best.

How have you celebrated FruChocs Appreciation Day in the past?

Normally I’m stuck in an office, which makes it hard to celebrate, but I always do something. [My workmates] all know that I love FruChocs, so I deck the place out. My Mr FruChoc is a trademark of mine, so he follows me and sits on my desk.

And normally I’ll smash a bag of the good stuff, but that’s every day so it’s not really a celebration.

How will you be celebrating this year?

It’s this Friday, and that actually falls on one of my good friend Kim’s birthdays, so I’m hoping to get a hold of the FruChoc costume, Mr FruChoc, and wear it to her birthday, because I think she’d be quite excited about that. Obviously I’ll have to ask Menz, if you’re listening.

What’s your favourite of the FruChocs range?

Originals. By a mile. Original are the best.

Is there an under-rated product in the range?

Probably the Raspberry Chocs, actually. They kind of remind me of me: the younger cousin that didn’t get much of a look in, but developed into something that people seem to like.

Caleb Johnstone

How did you first come across FruChocs?

I can’t remember the very first time, but I remember when it started as a craze, was [while] mucking around with a mate and seeing who could eat the most, and it turned into a competition of how many I could eat.

I actually collect the packets, and the first year I ate I think it was 60 kilos worth. I counted it up the other day, and it’s 150 kilos I’ve got.

What keeps you engaged with the brand?

I think it’s just cool being an SA brand. Just being in SA and how good they are with how they get on Facebook, and they do all the giveaways and everything, I think that’s cool.

I’m all over all of their socials, I get into that a fair bit. Share all their stuff, go into their competitions.

Have you celebrated FruChocs Appreciation Day in the past?

I’ve been to the city once, but usually I’m at school, my parents won’t let me have a day off. I try and get into it as much as I can at school, bring in FruChocs, do a class party and all of that.

How will you be celebrating this year?

I’ll try and see if the boss will let me have a day off and shoot off into town and get a few piccies with Mr FruChocs, that’d be pretty cool.

What’s your favourite product in the FruChocs range?

It would just be the standard FruChocs, I reckon. Can’t beat it.

Is there an under-rated product in the range?

Chocky snakes. Definitely Chocky Snakes. I love them.

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