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September 14, 2023

Port Adelaide nightclub is sinfully good

Take yourself to CONFESSION this weekend - a Port Adelaide nightclub inside an 1850s church.

Confession night club Port Adelaide
  • Words by Grace Atta
  • Photos are supplied

The opening weekend for CONFESSION boasts a variety of acts across Friday and Saturday night, emceed by award-winning entertainer Tash York.

There will be live music from pop-jazz band Artisan Jazz Project, a burlesque performance from Delilah De L’amour, as well as a sideshow, acrobatics, magic and a DJ that will have your partying to the early hours of the morning.



60 Marryatt Street, Port Adelaide

CONFESSION owner and disability advocate Shane Hryhorec says patrons can expect a two-part night, with entertainment suited to all tastes and ages.

“So, from 6pm to 10pm it’s a bit more casual with live entertainment, bands, fringe acts, and hosts. And it’s quite a mixed audience for this timeslot, we have anything from 18-year-olds to 80-year-olds,” he says.

“Throughout the night, the tempo starts increasing, and at 10pm the DJ begin, and people go to dance in the other room, which has an absolutely epic sound system and lighting rig.

“The demographic for this is usually a bit younger, say anything from 18 to 40, but we do see people from the early period who kick on in the nightclub.”

The opening weekend will be emceed by award-winning entertainer Tash York. Photo: Supplied

Notably, unlike most clubs in Adelaide, CONFESSION has been designed to be accessible to people with a disability following its almost half-a-million-dollar renovation this year.

The venue is fitted with ramp access to all its spaces, three accessible bathrooms, a cut-out in the bar for people with a disability to order at with ease, and tables of varying heights to accommodate those using wheelchairs.

These amenities are also enjoyed by CONFESSIONS’ hired performers, who have a ramp into their green room and a DJ booth that is not only wheelchair accessible, but height adjustable.

Shane told CityMag that his personal experience with the lack of accessibility in Adelaide clubs is what made it a priority in his own venue.

“So, I myself am a quadriplegic. I broke my neck in a swimming pool in 2007 and after my injury I realised a lot of venues weren’t accessible for people with disabilities,” he says.

“I was actually a DJ growing up and after my accident I realised I can’t DJ anywhere in Adelaide, because none of the DJ booths are accessible. So, my goal of creating CONFESSION was to make it accessible and inclusive for everyone.”

This dedication to inclusion is echoed in the venue’s delectable menu with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and coeliac-friendly dishes on offer.

Venue manager Juan Londono says CONFESSION prides itself on making sure “anyone and everyone is catered for, from the time they come into the door, to the time they sit and enjoy the show”.

Juan gave CityMag the insider tip on the venue’s menu for the opening weekend, including the names of their new speciality cocktails, designed by an international mixologist.

“Our cocktails have been curated to fit the theme of CONFESSION, so we have ‘See No Spice’, ‘Divine Plum Serenade’ and ‘Thank the Lord Tea’,” he says.

The religiously themed names don’t stop there, with the chef chiming in with his new pizzas.

“Our chef is also doing something great, creating ‘Roman Square Pizzas’, which are kind of like the New Yorker-styled pizza but in a square shape,” says Juan.

“So, there’s the Reverend Steve Newlin, which is tomato, mozzarella and basil, and then there’s Father Gabriel, which has tomato, mozzaeralla, pepporoni, and a little bit of chilli,” he says.

The meals on offer range from snacks and small plates to larger plates.

“What we tried to do with the food is to create food that is easy to share and easy to eat while watching the show,” says Juan.

Tickets for the Friday or Saturday night opening event at CONFESSION are $15 and can be purchased through their website, with all of ticket proceeds going directly to the hired performers.

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