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July 20, 2023

Dance the day away at Distill

What better way to spend your Saturday than in a dark room, with music, and dancing, and drinks… in the afternoon?

Afternoon Delight with DJ Craig and Tommy Tequila
  • Words: Lauren Mills

In the 30 years that DJ Craig has been performing in various clubs, venues and festivals across Adelaide he has met and talked to many people and one thing he discovered was how difficult it can be for them to get out, let loose and have a good time.


Afternoon Delight with DJ Craig and Tommy Tequila
Distill, 286 Rundle Street
2pm to 7pm on the last Saturday in July
$10, tickets here

“When you speak to some of the women in particular, you hear that they can’t really get out very often because it’s hard to find a babysitter or they have to be up at 9am to take the kids to sport,” says Craig, whose full name is Craig Flanigan.

“It made me think that I should be doing at least something during the day that they are able to get to… so that they can get out and be them, rather than being stuck in that role of being a mum.”

He gave it some thought and came up with the idea of a day disco.

Distill cocktail bar jumped on board and held an Afternoon Delight day disco in their upstairs section in June and it rocked so much they had no other choice but to hold a round two on Saturday 29 July.

“The last one was an amazing vibe, loads of fun, and I am sure this one will be the same,” Craig says.

“For many, it gives them a chance to come out and party without negotiating the pitfalls of late nights, or the high costs involved in most daytime events like winery shows.”

He says the day disco allows people to get out, drop that serious act, and actually have a good time and be home by 10pm after a feed anywhere in the east end.

“There’s way too much seriousness these days; it’s nice to have a bit of fun and see everyone smiling and singing along, and just having a ball,” says Craig.

“I’ve spoken to women before and it’s really sad because they don’t get a chance to be themselves… they’re kind of funnelled into being this mother, this homemaker, and that’s not who they actually are, who they are is someone that wants to have fun just like everyone else.”

Craig says it’s the perfect opportunity to get your groove on to ABBA, INXS, Fleetwood Mac and any other artists that rocked the dance floor since the 1950s.

“A lot of the music is based on nostalgia, and they love it. Sometimes it’s cheesy, sometimes it’s not, it’s just about having fun,” Craig says.

Grab your $10 tickets here.

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