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June 2, 2023

A natural wonder knocking at our door

A slow-moving spectacle is moving through South Australia's Upper North, as Queensland floodwater wends its way across the Australian landscape into Kati Thanda Lake Eyre.

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  • Words: Jack O'Halloran
  • Pictures: Trevor Wright

Water is beginning to encompass Kati Thanda Lake Eyre, as floodwater makes its way through the ancient South Australian basin.

Photos provided by Trevor Wright, founder of Wrightsair, showcase the breathtaking spectacle, as floodwaters from Queensland and northwest South Australia merge to enter the lake.

Wright said that now is the best time to see the spectacle, as the river snakes its way across the arid salt lake.

“If you want to see the freeway of water coming down the centre of the lake, now is a really good time to see it,” Trevor says.

“It’s now two thirds of the way towards the bottom end of Lake Eyre North, and within the next week it should be filling up the bottom portion of the lake.”


With the lake set to be nearly entirely flooded within two weeks, Wright says the contrast of the white salt pan and the dark water is what makes the event so special.


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“The visual experience of seeing this large amount of water heading down the centre of the lake over time is a contrast of colours and a contrast of environments,” Trevor says.

Tourism in the region has increased dramatically since the first images of the flooding emerged, which has helped the local economy.

“It’s definitely given tourism a shoot in the arm, that’s for sure,” Trevor says.

“I think the Upper North of South Australia, and tourism in general – and this includes the Flinders Ranges – has definitely made a significant difference.”

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