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May 7, 2017

The People of Bowerbird

In case you didn't get to stop and chat on your way through the Market, we did it for you.

  • Words and pictures: Johnny von Einem

Mim, Four Seeds

See her above!

“I love coming here, it’s just an amazing market and I’m really proud of it.”

“We have our regulars; we’re part of the experience now. They come here, they do their rounds, they get a brownie, they do the shop around, then they get another brownie because they were meant to take the first one home to their boyfriend and they accidentally ate it on the way through.”

“Normally we’re at the back with all the food, so being in the middle, we’re right in the middle of the buzz, seeing everybody walk past.”

“I love the demographic. The people with the stalls, we’re all the 30-year-old female, doing your own thing, not doing the day job, so we’ve got so much in common. We’re juts creative women doing our own thing – most of us, anyway. Most of the boys here are the obliging boyfriends and husbands who come and help.”

Simone, Union Street Printmakers

“It’s been so intense. It’s amazing because so few people know how to make things by hand, and in particular, everything that they do has to do with computers, so the thought that you actually need to handset the type… We spent 10 minutes trying to find a G, only to discover because the font is probably 90 years old, there are no Gs left.”

“We’re specifically set up today to make cards, so sitting down with the idea of making something by hand, and all the kids are used to drawing – it’s the adults who aren’t used to drawing. What the kids aren’t used to is the fact that you actually have to physically pick up a letter and it’s back-to-front and those sorts of things.”

“Jane’s a friend of mine, we’ve been friends for 20 years. She’s always after people to do demonstrations of things that are really interactive and help people to understand that things are handmade, so I’m always up for that because I really like teaching.”

This is a really prestigious market; it’s the only one of its kind in Adelaide. If you go around and speak to the stallholders, quite a number of them will say they go all around Australia and this is one of the best that they’ve experienced.”

Bec, Security

“[I’m interested in] the arts and crafts, the prints, the paintings and stuff.”

“I’m hoping to [buy something], when I get my lunch break (laughs).”

**Sorry for stealing your lunch break, Bec.

Simonne and David, long-time Bowerbird browsers

“I guess [it’s] just the opportunity to see different artists…”

“There were a handful that I specifically looked forward to seeing.”

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