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June 20, 2019

Stories By is a marketplace of well-made objects for the Adelaide Aesthete

Find seconds and rarities from Claire Inc, Good Studios, AHD Paper Co., Daniel Emma, Olivia Kathigitis, BB Shoemaker, Lilly Buttrose, Emma Sadie Thomson, and Aburi Ceramics at Ensemble's Stories By marketplace this weekend.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Supplied

If anyone can credibly speak to the longevity of well-made objects, it’s Belinda Humphris.

In 2005, Belinda founded Claire Inc, a fashion label dedicated to recontextualising collectible vintage clothing, and has contributed pieces from her collection to the pages of Yen, Russh, Oyster, Vice, Vogue Australia, and Frankie.


Stories By
94 Gilles Street, Adelaide 5000
10am ’til 4pm Saturday, 22 June

Claire Inc
Good Studios
AHD Paper Co.
Daniel Emma
Olivia Kathigitis
BB Shoemaker
Lilly Buttrose
Emma Sadie Thomson
Aburi Ceramics

In the decade and a half she’s run the label, sustainability and ethical practices have slowly become a focus for the fashion industry at large, dovetailing with a nostalgia-driven trend towards vintage clothing.

“With the rise of sustainable fashion labels, things being made ethically, and people wanting to make a difference and actually have a bit more longevity in their clothing, I think that vintage fashion falls really nicely into that field,” Belinda says.

“It’s just become generally a bit more mainstream as well, just because social media and seeing celebrities wearing vintage things, too. Lots of the big fashion houses have done reissues of their vintage styles, so Gucci and Celine might have done reissues of the bags they’ve had in the ‘80s.

“I think that also contributes to vintage being more fashionable again.”

Claire Inc is one of 10 like-minded Adelaide businesses setting up at Ensemble this weekend, Saturday, 22 June, for Stories By, a maker market dedicated to locally and well-made clothing, objects and accessories.

Alongside Claire Inc will be Good Studios, AHD Paper Co., Daniel Emma, Olivia Kathigitis, BB Shoemaker, Lilly Buttrose, Emma Sadie Thomson, Aburi Ceramics, all of whom will be selling rarities from their collective back catalogue.

Daniel Emma's 'Soft' chair

Daniel Emma’s ‘Soft’ chair


“The idea about Stories is that all of these pieces that we’re selling, whether it be vintage clothing or a dress that’s come from an end-of-run fabric, or an experimental shoe – all of the things have had lives with us before, and we’re wanting to pass them on to new owners and have a bit of longevity in the pieces,” Belinda says.

“We’re small businesses, we’re making things in Adelaide, we live in Adelaide but we’re selling things interstate or globally as well. There’s a nice synergy between us, and a good mix of representing clothing, objects, shoes, accessories.”

There will be samples and assorted firsts from Daniel Emma, end of run and discounted garments from Good Studios, seconds plants and vessels from EST, ‘90s French & Japanese designer garments from Claire Inc, leather pieces and footwear from BB Shoemaker, seconds ceramics from Aburi Ceramics, discounted stationery from AHD Paper Co, and jewellery from Lilly Buttrose and Olivia Kathigitis

Sibling will also provide food and beverage for the event, including mulled wine to properly celebrate the event falling on the winter solstice.

While many of the businesses have a strong online presence, Stories By will provide an opportunity for the public to experience the pieces up close, in a way that can be translated into pixels.

“Being able to see garments in a marketplace – you can feel things, you can touch them – I think that gives you a better appreciation of why it shouldn’t be disposable, why it shouldn’t be thrown away, and why it should have a continued story,” Belinda says.

“Markets like this are another good reason to spread the word – you don’t need to go and buy fast fashion, you can come to something like this and buy something that has come from a good place.”

Stories By is happening from 10am until 4pm on Saturday, 22 June at Ensemble.

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