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May 7, 2017

This morning at Bowerbird: Top tips

We're here all weekend, but you're not - so these are the things we think you should fit in if you're heading down to Bowerbird this morning.

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  • Story: Farrin and Lauren

Good morning! It’s the weekend, and we’re awake and broadcasting and publishing live from Bowerbird Design Market.

If you’re heading down to join us today, these are up top tips to get you started at the market this morning.

Tip #1: Coffee 

Specifically, coffee from our friends at Dawn Patrol. You’ll find them on the right immediately as you walk in through the yellow, fairy-light covered arch.

They roast their own beans on their property in Kangarilla, and the result is a rich and round taste.

Tip #2: Food

Weekend mornings are for pastry – this is a universal truth. While there are many, many delicious food options at Bowerbird, we opted to start the day with an almond croissant from Public.

The Franklin Street café’s Bowerbird outpost has plenty of other patisserie options as well, if flaky croissant (for some totally inexplicable reason) is not your preference.

Tip #3: Julie White

Editor Farrin Foster thanking Julie White for helping her cover her head successfully.

A smile is always a great start to the morning, and local designer Julie White always has plenty of those. She also has a range of socks, tights and silk scarves printed with her beautiful designs.

Having previously successfully gifted one of these scarves to our Mum, we can confidently say they make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. We can also confirm that they make an excellent head cover if, like our editor Farrin Foster, your hair is in dire need of a cut.

Tip #4: Stephanie James-Manttan

Visiting Steph this morning and buying some of her ceramics is an investment in future weekends well spent. Steph’s beautiful, textural shapes will make every lazy coffee in bed seem a little more poignant.

She works on the pottery wheel to create base shapes, and then works with her hands to finish the pieces – making every work unique.


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