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June 11, 2015

How to… World Gin Day 2015

There are lots of things that happen every year, but most of them don't give you a good excuse to drink gin all day. Luckily World Gin Day, which is happening this Saturday, does just that.

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  • Pictures: Joshua Fanning

To truly honour the annual celebration that is World Gin Day, there are a few city bars that must be visited this Saturday.

Street, 285 Rundle Street

The bar of Jock Zonfrillo’s casual eatery will be taken over by gin master Mark Reginato from 2pm until 5pm for an “Australian Native Gin Bench” session, where Mark will be making a serious selection of gin and tonics with Australian native garnishes and far-better-than-Schweppes tonic.

The Howling Owl, 13 Frome Street

Always obsessed with gin, this Saturday sees The Howling Owl in their element. A bootleg gin masterclass with KI Spirits founder Jon Lark gives way to a day of two-for-one gin happy hours, tastings of South Australian gins and build-your-own gin in the back bar.

Maybe Mae, 15 Peel Street

That busy Mark Reginato will also be popping up at Maybe Mae between 7pm and 9pm on Saturday. This time he’ll be churning out Jackie Chans in accordance with a special recipe that incorporates The Broadside gin by The West Winds.

Udaberri, 11 Leigh Street

Udaberri’s regular (and very large) selection of fancy gins – made with garnishes including rosemary sprigs and dehydrated citrus – should be in its element this Saturday, but will instead be battling for attention against a special, one-night-only an all gin cocktail list. In a show of commitment, Udaberri will offer every cocktail on their list as a gin variant this Saturday and will also be making some original gin cocktails for good measure. The regular cocktail list will still be available, but drinking a vodka-based cocktail on World Gin Day could be considered pretty bad manners by some (and some includes us here at CityMag).

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