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June 18, 2020

What’s changing for hospitality venues this Friday, 19 June?

Capacities for some venues will increase, and there are further decisions likely to be made tomorrow.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Picture: Leigh Street Wine Room by Jules Cebo


There is nothing predictable about South Australia’s social reawakening, aside from its constantly shifting nature.

For the last three weeks, hospitality venues have been operating under restrictions that allow them to have a maximum of 20 patrons in any one room up to a maximum of 80 people per venue, so long as each patron is afford 4sqm within the space.

This saw many larger venues, like pubs, trade for the first time since the coronavirus shutdown began.

Last week it was flagged that new restrictions would come into place from this Friday, 19 June, with a higher overall capacity limit for venues.

From Friday, a venue can have 75 people congregated in any one room, up to a maximum total of 300 people for the entire venue.

The one-person-per-4sqm rule still applies though, meaning that many venues will not see an increase because they were already at the maximum allowance according to the square-metreage of their venue.

This is particularly problematic for Adelaide’s small bars.

There is yet to be any word on a return to trade for Adelaide’s nightclubs, who currently do not sit under the ‘stage 3’ banner, but are listed under ‘future steps for consideration.’

South Australia’s Transition Committee, who are overseeing the staged return to normalcy of the South Australian economy, will meet tomorrow, meaning there could be further announcements.

It is the hope of two venues CityMag spoke with this week, Leigh Street Wine Room and Grace Emily Hotel, that the outcome of this meeting will be a relaxing of the 4sqm rule to at least one-person-per-2sqm, and that seating at bars will be permitted.

We are currently at the stage 2 easing of restrictions, and Friday is “stage two plus). The next major milestone, the step 3 easing of restrictions,  is scheduled for Monday, 29 June, and this will see a return to gaming in venues.

The stage 3 date has shifted a couple of times over the last couple of months, and could do so again in the future.

Alongside nightclubs under the ‘future steps for consideration banner’ are music festivals, increased numbers for large stadiums, and shisha and hookah use.

Stay tuned to Premier Steven Marshall’s Facebook page for updates.

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