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November 18, 2021

Three Cheers at Fugazzi Bar & Dining Room

The mood at Fugazzi is best described as ‘big’. Booths are booked out months in advance, with diners hungry to try the hyped New York-Italian-inspired menu. While patrons wait for a table to become available, they’re first invited to imbibe at the bar.

  • Words: Angela Skujins
  • Pictures: Lewis Potter

Rhubi Gimlet

The Rhubi Gimlet is made with rhubarb, gin and lemon mezcal, with the latter buzzing with a smoky flavour. This peppery cocktail pairs perfectly with the lamb backstrap skewer.


Mandy Moore

The Mandy Moore, named after beloved US actor, uses mandarin three wonderful ways – juiced, infused and dusted as a sherbet.


Fugazzi Lager

Coopers Brewery makes a 4.5 per cent Italian-style lager for Fugazzi. With a mortadella finger sando, this duo is bellissimo.


Hey Bartender!

Bar manager Courtney Price enjoys knocking off with a glass of Ministry of Clouds Riesling. Her favourite thing about the restaurant is its beauty.


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