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January 15, 2015

Sushi Planet delivers

When Pavel Gayvoronskiy told CityMag he was launching a sushi home delivery service we knew our raw fish budget would need to increase markedly.

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  • Words: Josh Fanning
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

It’s the logical step forward for a food tradition associated with the world’s preeminent transport nation: Japan.


Sushi Planet is open from
11AM – 10PM every day
1/60 West Terrace
Adelaide 5000
ph: 1800 Sushi Planet

However, there’s a niggling suspicion that Australian sushi aficionados might struggle to trust an online ordering and to-your-door-delivery service without first getting to sample the wares in-house.

So, today, as Sushi Planet’s delivery service comes online it will also open its doors. Pavel hasn’t only built a new way to buy sushi, he’s also built a spectacular restaurant for those who wish to take the traditional route.

Hanging off the western edge of Adelaide at the end of Waymouth Street, the svelte new restaurant cuts a beautiful line through the drabness of its surrounds. Designer Adam Johnson tips his hat towards the origins of the cuisine but also keeps the space light and open in a very Australian way. CityMag can’t think of a single sushi restaurant we’ve visited in the world that has outdoor dining – except this one.

For Pavel, the project is the realisation of a simple idea – to bring a new sense of quality to one of his favourite foods.

“We are really just concentrating on the quality of our ingredients – the fish and the rice. The rice is so important but I also don’t feel like Adelaide is getting the best fish either,” he says.

It is all about delicate and fresh seafood at Sushi Planet – all Australian and sustainably caught. Sorry for those who think sushi can be chicken wrapped in rice and nori (seaweed), because there’s barely a land-dweller on the comprehensive menu apart from those to be found in the chargrilled skewer sets.

CityMag will be sticking with those items found in “Column A” of the menu. A generous sampling from the Sashimi, Nigiri and Aburi lists please. And we’d like that delivered to Clubhouse Lane!



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