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August 16, 2016

Small Beer: The subscription service you’ve been waiting for

Craft beer to your door.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Joshua Fanning

Evan Hayes knows what today’s beer drinkers want – good beer that appears with little-to-no-effort at your door.


Sign up or have a browse via the Small Beer website.

His newly-launched Adelaide-based subscription service, Small Beer, is how he plans to spread the love of interesting brews across the country.

“[We’re] trying to give people that beer festival experience without having to cram in 50 different breweries in a weekend,” Evan says.

“You can spread that out over a year and get access to stuff you normally wouldn’t be able to get without going to… a group of local bottle shops.”

Rather than competing with traditional stores, Evan sees Small Beer as a curated companion for the consumer rifling through the often overwhelming craft beer selection.

“I’m all for local bottle shops. [We’re] never going to compete with someone [going] ‘oh shit, I’ve gotta go to my mate’s place, I’m gonna pick something up,’” Evan says.

“It’s just trying to give that [experience of] you get your beer, you taste it, you like it, that’s in your head, maybe next time you go ‘oh, I recognise that label’. It’s an education and I think there’s room for it.”

Small Beer subscribers’ first delivery consists of a mixed six pack of Hawkers beer (an IPA, Pale Ale and Saison), and each month will bring a new brewery, with the only two criteria being that they’re Australian and independent.

“We’re really focussed on that due diligence, trying to get the assurance that it is independent,” Evan says.

“Purely for the consumers, so they can support and find some of the stuff that doesn’t have an outlet on the traditional channels.”

On top of the either six- or 24-pack monthly subscription, Small Beer also retails from their online store, with some South Australian favourites (Mismatch and Smiling Samoyed) already available, Big Shed brews on their way, and even more to come on an ever-growing list that Evan promises will continue to illuminate discerning drinker’s palates.

“This is going to try and drip feed and recommend [and] we wont ever be putting anything up that we don’t believe in,” Evan says.

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