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September 16, 2022

Sandwiches and ‘retro futurism’ at Pinco Deli

Eastern suburbs café Pinco Deli has brought a high design aesthetic to match its small, quality-focussed sandwich menu.

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  • Words: Claudia Dichiera
  • Pictures: Johnny von Einem

On Monday last week, Pinco Deli opened its doors to the Eastwood community, offering up quality sandwiches and coffee from its perch on Glen Osmond Road.

The eatery has eight sandwiches on its menu, which range from traditional Italian-inspired items to new takes on classics.


Pinco Deli
Shop 1, 73—79 Glen Osmond Road
Mon—Sun: 7am ’til 4pm


Co-owner Saba Maghsoudi says Pinco Deli will make its name on his team’s attention to detail and the craft they’ve put into the menu.

“I’ve always believed in being specific in something, which then means you can be an expert in it or at least at a very high level – instead of mixing lots of elements,” Saba says.

“I’ve always liked the idea of picking that one realm and sticking with it and trying to do it the best we can.”

With Pinco Deli’s small menu, the team can highlight the “highest quality ingredients” South Australia has to offer.

“I’m a big believer in you can get big spikes and have two good weeks, three good weeks, but quality always wins,” Saba says.

“You can be in a location with millions of people, but in a year’s time, quality always wins.”

The quality ingredients are on show on the menu in the Number 4, which includes locally sourced mortadella, salami and provolone in a fresh focaccia roll.

A Pinco sandwich. This picture: Supplied


Rarely a café in Adelaide launches that doesn’t make claims about using only the highest quality local produce (which we love), but that alone is not enough to guarantee return patronage.

Co-owner Elijah Makris hopes the venue’s “retro futuristic” interior design will keep clientele coming back.

“I guess it’s like taking stuff from ‘70s or ‘80s and then also putting futuristic stuff in there as well, like the lighting and chairs,” Elijah says of the oxymoronic aesthetic.

“Trying to make the café vibe a little bit luxury and a little bit more unique. I guess more like art.

“It is meant to be relaxed and cool and, you know, a different take on a café vibe.”

Saba Maghsoudi


Design is particularly important to Saba and Elijah, who also co-own Studio Mazi, a social media content and marketing firm.

“[Elijah] does the content side, I do the business and the marketing side and then we kind of went together from there,” Saba says.

“We wanted to grow [Studio] Mazi and put it into a café where both our worlds could kind of meet,” Saba says.

Pinco Deli’s third co-owner, Ben Pankhurst, also owns coffee roastery Willow Bend, which supplies coffee of Pinco Deli.

“We thought together, us three, is a pretty complete team,” Saba says.

“We put together art, design, good quality coffee that is locally roasted, and obviously the food side.”

Pinco Deli is located at Shop 1, 73—79 Glen Osmond Road. Saba suggests the best way to access the shop if you’re driving is to park on Main Street a block behind and walk through Bower Place.

The café opens from 7am—4pm every day.

For more information, head to Pinco Deli’s website or follow along on Instagram.

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