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May 4, 2023

One Sneaky Cheetah sneakily opens second store

Tony Mitolo and Tim Anderson have expanded their unauthentic pizzeria project One Sneaky Cheetah to a second site, bringing the Pizzateca sibling to Melrose Park.

  • Words and pictures: Claudia Dichiera

One Sneaky Cheetah owners Tony Mitolo and Tim Anderson have quietly opened a second location for the business in Melrose Park, expanding the reach of the Pizzateca sibling.

The first One Sneaky Cheetah launched in early 2022, and Tony said at the time the concept was always suited to multiple sites.


One Sneaky Cheetah
971 South Road, Melrose Park 5039
Mon—Wed: 5pm ’til 8pm
Thu—Sat: 5pm ’til 9pm
Sunday: 5pm ’til 8pm


“One Sneaky Cheetah was set out from the get-go – in terms of the name, the branding, the system, the menu – to be a multi-site business,” Tony says.

“We’ve done stuff with One Sneaky Cheetah that we’ve never had to think about before in making sure that every pizza is as good as it can be, as fast and as fun as possible.”

Best known for its unauthentic take on the Italian treasure, Tony reiterates One Sneaky Cheetah’s pizza is nothing like its McLaren Vale sibling.

“We wanted to play in a different space. We have rules that we respect [for Pizzateca],” he says.

These unwritten but concrete Italian rules include things like no pineapple on pizza and absolutely no barbecue sauce. However, One Sneaky Cheetah happily deploys these westernised concepts with an Italian twist.

“We start going, ‘Okay, how can we make a barbecue chicken pizza? How can we do that by not opening up a jar of ETA Barbecue Sauce [that] tastes like sugar?’”

“How can we make it taste smoky and barbecue-y?”

“We could never do that at Pizzateca. You could never do that for an Italian menu.”

Cheetah Tails ready to enter the wild


After much success with the Adelaide public, One Sneaky Cheetah “[got] the guernsey”, Tony says, and was asked to set up a stall at Tasting Australia‘s Town Square, which launched last Friday.

“The exposure for anyone that was there is great and the environment is just awesome as well,” Tony says.

“Even though it’s just a short stint of a couple weekends, it’s so good because we’ve had people already come into our stores that have seen us at Town Square.”

When asked to create something special for Tasting Australia, Tony reminisced on Good Friday crab pasta feeds made by his father and thought about how he could turn that into a pizza.

“I love crabs, man. I’ll eat crabs over lobster any day, unashamedly,” Tony says with delight.

“The crab sauce that Dad makes is legendary in our family, particularly on Good Friday – legendary!”

Named the ‘Seafood Special’, the pizza includes the “legendary” sauce, which is South Australian blue swimmer crabs mixed with sugo, topped with Spencer Gulf prawns, garlic oil, fresh parsley and a little lemon.

The One Sneaky Cheetah stall also has a selection of its regular offering: Margherita, Salami, Ham & Pineapple, and their much-loved garlic bread alternative, Cheetah Tail.

The legendary Seafood Special


Not only did Tony’s father inspire the Seafood Special for Tasting Australia, his work ethic and strong Italian roots have influenced the way Tony works and operates throughout all of his hospitality businesses.

“Dad’s a formidable force at Pizzateca, [and] in everything we do,” Tony says.

“We make everything now [from scratch] and it’s because of him.”

Whether it be turning tomatoes into sugo, or making salami in-house, this made-from-scratch ethos began with Tony’s father.

“That’s our pillar, we pride ourselves on that. It’s massive,” Tony says.

“It’s time-locked into the ’50s, when [my family] came over [from Italy]. Nothing’s changed because we hold onto it… We’ve got to hold onto it like it’s the most important thing.”

You can find One Sneaky Cheetah’s second location at 971 South Road, Melrose Park. It opens from 5pm, seven days.

You can also grab a Sneaky pizza at Tasting Australia’s Town Square, operating every day until 7 May.

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