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October 30, 2014

New bar on the block: Vinyl

When Bodhi Thomas and Theo Campbell first entered the space that will become new bar Vinyl, they found receipts that dated back to the early ’90s. Just three weeks later, glimmers of the venue's future are starting to show through the dust.

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  • Words: Farrin Foster
  • Pictures: Joshua Fanning

The caked layers of dust were a strong indicator that it had been quite some time since the space at 20 Gilbert Place, tucked around the corner from the Pancake Kitchen, had been occupied.


All being well with licensing and renovations, Bodhi and Theo hope to open Vinyl to the public in late November. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for progress reports.

It’s only been three-and-a-half-weeks since Bodhi Thomas and Theo Campbell received the keys from Renew Adelaide, but their influence can already be strongly felt. The dust is gone, as is the carpet and tiles that lay under it, the concrete floor is now polished and a stage has been constructed at one end of the room.

When we visit, they’re starting work on building the tables that will fill Vinyl – their new venue.

Renew Adelaide operates by finding empty spaces like this one, negotiating with landlords to lease them for free and then calling for applications from hopeful business owners who think their idea would fit the premises. Bodhi and Theo’s plans for a small bar was chosen from among plenty of other applications for this particular location.

“We want to focus mainly on local music,” says Theo. “Genres will include but not be limited to funk, soul, electronic, blues, folk, indie, jazz and rock. We are not really excluding any genres at this stage. There will no doubt be some interstate and international acts in the mix also.”

Both of the guys – who met more than a decade ago while at school together in the Adelaide Hills – have plentiful experience in hospitality. Bodhi currently works at Peel Street’s Bread and Bone and Theo is in Croydon at Let Them Eat. Their food and bar credentials will be put to good use when Vinyl opens later this year.

“The food will include a simple but delicious selection of tapas items with a focus on traditional food combinations. Food will be locally sourced where possible and include some native flavours,” says Theo.

“Wines will be predominantly South Australian with a few international wines to spice things up. Beers will again be predominately local craft breweries, a splash of Coopers and a couple of international craft ales. There will be a small selection of classic cocktails to complement the wine and beer lists.”

As CityMag leaves, the space is full of sawdust and power tools, but we’ve got no doubt that the easy-going Bodhi and Theo will have competently turned it into one of Adelaide’s new favourite venues before we return.

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