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June 3, 2021

Meet the Rundle Mall food stall helping India one samosa at a time

Located in Rundle Mall Plaza’s shiny food court, The Logical Indian has launched Samosa for a Cause – a delicious way to help people in India living through a devastating third wave of COVID-19.

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  • Words and pictures: Angela Skujins


Mervin Joshua owns The Logical Indian food bistro in Rundle Mall Plaza.

On 19 May this year, Mervin asked himself what he could do to help those in India, his home country, who are grappling with a devastating third wave of COVID-19.


The Logical Indian
Level 1, Rundle Mall Plaza
50 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 5000
Monday: 10:30am ‘til 4:25pm
Wednesday: 10:30am ‘til 4:25pm
Thursday: 10:30am ‘til 5pm
Friday: 10:30am ‘til 9pm
Sat—Sun: 10:30am ‘til 4:25pm

Samosas for a Cause
Until 19 June 2021


‘Samosa’ immediately sprung to mind.

“The reason why I selected samosa is because I know that is the fast-moving item in our daily business,” Mervin tells CityMag.

“I didn’t want to choose an item that is slow-moving. I wanted to capitalise on the money that we get as revenue so I thought, okay, samosa would be a good option.”

On May 20, Mervin launched Samosas for a Cause, a charity drive where all proceeds from The Logical Indian’s samosas would be donated to Coimbatore charities fighting the pandemic.

Coimbatore is where Mervin originally hails from.

According to the World Health Organisation, India has recorded 331,895 coronavirus deaths and 28,175,044 confirmed cases since the pandemic began. To compare, Australia has recorded 910 deaths and 30,106 confirmed cases.

Since launching the charity drive at the end of May, The Logical Indian has sold 200 vegan vegetable-filled pastry pockets at $3 each.

But Mervin’s planning on moving 1000 totally vegan, pastry-wrapped potato, pea, cumin and garam masala treats, and aims to raise a total of $3000.

He also wants to match the proceeds, which will go towards Abundant Life Ministries and Capstone World Reach Centre groups.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine


“They are already helping people affected due to COVID… [including] funeral expenses and things like that, and oxygen,” Mervin says.

“Then the other one is trying to establish contacts with the local hospitals to buy some beds.”

Although Mervin’s immediate family back in India is currently safe, he knows people in Melbourne and Malaysia with families who were not so lucky.

“Within a span of like 48 hours, the dad passed away and the mum passed away,” Mervin says.

“Hearing all those things, and then putting myself in their shoes, that really impacted me – like, what would I have done if I was there?”

In addition to people popping these delicious golden pastry products in their mouths, Mervin really wants the wider community to take hold of the charitable idea and use it within their own businesses.

“The reason why I started was actually to influence any business,” he says.

“They can actually select a product and then they can just give it for any cause. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this.

“It’s about starting an initiative. We want to get the word across that everyone can do it.”

If the COVID-19 news cycle is affecting your mental health and wellbeing, call the SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line on 1800 632 753.

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